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About Valley Middle School

Hello from Valley Middle School! On behalf of our entire staff, I welcome you to our building for what we believe will be another successful year in our rich history. Valley is known as the “North end” middle school. This building has been around for decades and really hasn’t changed much. Of course, we have had cosmetic, and even a few additional space changes over the years. For the most part, it remains the same building that many of you as parents attended, as well as even some grandparents of our current students attended. What has remained constant over the life of this building is the strong ties we have to build relationships for and with our students. That adult connection for our students is something we truly believe in and champion here. And, we believe we do a pretty good job of it.

Valley Middle School has a student population of around 600 students. This has been true for the last few years. Just five short years ago, we had a student population of fewer than 400 students. So, you can see we have grown immensely. We have a free and reduced lunch rate of approximately 49 percent and our students represent many ethnic groups from our community. We take a great deal of pride in our diversity and celebrate it as one of the real-world experiences one will receive while attending our school. We are a better school without a doubt because of the diversity represented here.

Our students are wonderful! They bring such a sense of spirit and enthusiasm. They are very proud of the north end of Grand Forks, the neighborhood, and THEIR school. And they excel in so many ways. Just last school year, over 400 of our students achieved recognition on either our A or B honor roll. We are proud of them for taking responsibility for their education.

Our staff is wonderful! We have nearly 90 full-time staff in this building committed to our students’ experience here at Valley. In recent years, our staff has changed somewhat as we have had many new hires. This has been a plus for us as we mix our new staff with a veteran staff that has been around a long time. This mix energizes both sides of the equation.

So again, welcome to Valley Middle School.  Every new year brings an excitement only experienced in schools, an opportunity to start fresh with a new focus and new goals.  We look forward to walking with you as you experience your middle school years.